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OHL title

For me, the decision to take on the responsibility as CEO of Elite Athlete Services was an easy one. My desire to truly help others by leveraging my past life experiences and skill sets. I unequivocally feel that the mental aspect of sports is one of the most critical parts of being successful no matter what goals an athlete is trying to accomplish. I truly believes the statement that "anything is possible if you put your mind to it". 

After being forced to retire from hockey due to concussions, I faithfully put to the test my theory that “anything is possible if you put your mind to it”. After years of hard work and dedication, I became a professional dog sled musher and also the first male and Canadian to ever run the Iditarod and Yukon Quest 1000 mile sled dog races as a rookie in the same year.  I went on to run 5 Iditarod’s before sustaining a major concussion during one of the races that quickly became a life threatening injury in -50c temperatures stranded between the Canada and Alaska Border. After this accident, I unfortunately struggled with severe post concussion syndrome; however, this allowed me to meet Dr. Mrazik for the first time, who was instrumental in my recovery. I believe that these life experiences are truly what prepared me for the business world and my role as CEO of Elite Athlete Services, which allows me to help athletes and foster change regarding mental health and wellness.

- Jason Campeau



Elite Athlete Services strives to help amateur and professional athletes with all their cognitive, mental and performance needs. We work within a holistic framework that aims to balance the needs of the athlete so they can perform at their peak during their careers, and after. Elite offers this through our expertise in the area of mental health, psychology, sports performance and concussion management, as well as through our extensive network of partners and approved service providers. This ensures that the athletes we work with are guaranteed to receive the best care and service in all aspects of health.

We fully encompass all aspects of mental health, concussion management and sport performance. Our mental health approach focuses on the classic issues of anxiety, depression and addictions as well as other important areas such as sleep hygiene, cognitive behaviour therapy, identity change and crisis intervention.

In addition to mental health, wellness, sports psychology and concussion management, we also help athletes with high level sports performance guidance, delivered by world renowned subject matter experts. Our Elite network also ties in physical rehabilitation with leading sports physicians, physiotherapists and chiropractors.

All the different areas Elite Athlete Services caters to can be made to suit your exact needs. We offer different predetermined packages that we have developed to best suit varying age ranges and performance levels. We also offer services with an “a la carte” style that allows you to pick and choose which exact services fit your needs best as an athlete or organization.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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