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Our aim is to guide and support amateur and professional athletes so they can achieve their maximum potential while they are competing at the highest level and as they transition away from their playing careers. We embrace a holistic approach to health and wellness by providing athletes with specialized services delivered by a team of highly qualified professionals with substantive experience in professional sports. ELITE. Athlete Services focuses on cognitive and mental health specializing in concussion management and recovery, baseline testing, athlete identity change and sports performance. In addition to these specializations, ELITE. has a large network of trusted service providers so that athletes know they are getting the best care possible when they require it.

the elite. network

We have an extensive network of service providers within our organization to get teams and players the best possible care when they need it. 

Mental Health Services

  • Psychologists

  • Mental Performance Specialists

  • Counsellors

  • Psychiatrist

  • On-call crisis management

  • Sleep specialists

  • Addictions specialists

Sports Rehabilitation

  • Physiotherapist

  • Chiropractors

  • Athletic Therapists

Sports Medicine

  • Sports Physicians

  • Physiatrists


Sports Neuropsychology  MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS

Athlete mental health and well-being are unequivocally tied to athlete performance. Growing evidence from the scientific literature correlates variables associated with athlete stress to increased injury risk. We believe that a comprehensive mental health program can play a very positive role in not only reducing injury but enhancing well-being and elevated performance.

We cater to all athletes needs such as:

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Mood disorders

  • Personality disorders

  • Trauma- and stressor-related disorders

  • Psychotic disorders

Mental Optimization

mental PERFORMANCE and optimization

Having an athlete perform at their absolute best is the main reason an organization invests in them. Performance optimization stems from various aspects such as:

  • Sports Psychology

  • Mindfulness

  • Mental Resilience

  • Recovery

  • Injury prevention

  • Sleep

  • Nutrition

We can assist in performance anywhere from offering a single presentation or single athlete meeting, up to full long-term organizational planning that analyzes current processes and offers a road map to change using the most up to date scientific practices.



The management of sports related concussions (SRC) requires a comprehensive and evidenced-based approach. We offer consultation and support to develop an organization’s concussion management plan and/or policy uniquely designed to meet the needs of the athletes. The end-product will include the core components of concussion education, medical management, return-to-play guidelines in order to meet the highest standards of concussion management and policy

Although we specialize in concussion policy planning, We now have expanded into total health management with our team of the worlds best sports medicine physicians and physiotherapists. Whether the organization needs a total health plan, or simply a concussion road map, EAS can provide the oversight that is needed. 

Corporate mental wellness

corporate mental wellness, performance & social responsibility

The players of professional sports organizations are not the only ones who are under extreme stressors on a daily basis. The corporate structure of a team needs to align to achieve their goals and be mentally tough from all aspects. From the CEO to the training staff, and the coaches to the referees, when a person in a position of power is struggling mentally/emotionally, it can have detrimental effects on everyone around them. Having a keen sense of a teams macroscopic mental wellness is one of the key differentiators within teams that win championship. We help guide executive wellness, performance, corporate optimization and productivity to all stakeholders under a companies umbrella. 

Sport Consultation

Sports consulting and advisory services

All of these offerings and processes are tied together with industry leading oversight, monitoring and intervention when needed. All aspects are conducted by highly specialized and highly vetted teams of individuals who dedicate their life to the health and wellness of ELITE. athletes. All athletes and organizations can rest assured they are getting the best possible care that is tailored to their exact needs, and not a generalized one size fits all approach. 

Athlete Transition from Sport

Athlete transition from sport

At some point, every athlete's career must come to an end. This can either be by choice or a forced retirement. Some athletes cope with this life change seamlessly and others continuously struggle to find purpose and cannot adjust to life outside the locker room. Whether they need emotional support, mental help, career guidance or assistance finding a renewed purpose and goals, we have the the team to help. 

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