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Elite Athlete Services is excited to introduce the "Own Your Off-Season" Total Performance Plan; a comprehensive program designed to develop and optimize both your physical and mental abilities, prevent injury, and unlock your full potential this off-season.


This integrated physical and mental training program provides expert assessment, guidance, delivery, and accountability to developing athletes for an ELITE comprehensive training experience. Athletes enrolled in our Total Performance Plan will take part in a series of dedicated one-on-one sessions with our team of mental and physical performance experts, as well as receive customized programming & ongoing monitoring specific to their goals.

Athletes enrolled in our “Own Your Off-Season” total performance programming will experience a highly personalized approach to Total Athlete Performance with Certified Mental Performance Consultant, Klaudia Sapieja, and Strength Coach and Physical Therapist, Brendan DeForge

Mental Performance Plan

The mental performance component uses ELITE 's integrated mental performance system offers expert assessment, guidance, delivery, accountability, and aims to provide athletes with a proactive approach to addressing and optimizing their mental performance.


In addition to mental performance guidance, tactics & findings will be integrated into participating athletes’ prescribed physical training programs to provide an elevated performance and wellness approach.

DID YOU KNOW?: By being proactive with proper mental health and mental performance techniques, an athletes risk of injury can be reduced by by nearly 8%!

Physical Performance Plan

The physical performance component uses expert assessment, data collection, normative comparative metrics, advanced technology, total guidance, and accountability, to ensure athletes meet there physical goals during their off-season.

Both programs can be delivered in-person or virtually, and allow for constant monitoring and feedback by using the EverFit app to have a truly personalized and integrated experience. Programing will cover a 2 month period and can be extended for additional cost.

Programs can be purchased together as the Total Performance Package for a cost of $849 + GST


individually for a cost of $499 + GST each


Athletes looking to enroll in Own Your Off-Season, the Physical Performance Plan exclusively, OR would like to book a discovery call, please email to schedule an appointment

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